Do What Matters Most.

Our mission at MindCoCoon is , we help you get clear on what matters most, stay focused on your top priority goals and streamline everything else to gain back valuable time and energy.

Our Mission

MindCoCoon will be launching in 2021.

It is the new home for Liz Huber's Personal Growth, Mindset, Psychology & Spirituality Content.

Our Mission is to help you become authentic, whole, free and creative.

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MindCoCoon is a brand by Refined Life Group founded by Liz Huber.

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Our Offers

Online Course

Breakthrough Journaling

The online course that shows you the "Write-Way"to effortles self-awareness, doable self-care that actually makes you feel better, and finally living your vision-board-life...

...without paying high-ticket coaches, spending hours in back-aching meditation, and adding yet another overwhelming self-help book to your dust-collecting shelf.

Self-Coaching Workbook

Release Your Mental Blocks

Understand, identify and overcome the Mental Blocks that keep you stuck in life. With this step-by-step workbook you can coach yourself out of any self-limiting beliefs so you can finally live the life you were meant to live!

Coaching Session

Limiting Beliefs Sessions

Read Liz' previous articles about upgrading your mindset, identifying and releasing your limiting beliefs, reprogramming your mind for success and much much more.